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Learn why your board-certified allergy specialist should be your next stop instead of the drugstore aisle, primary care or walk-in clinic.

Why Us?

Why See an Allergist?

Allergists are the experts

An allergist is a medical doctor with residency training in Internal Medicine and/or Pediatrics, subspecialty fellowship training in Allergy & Immunology and board-certification by the American Board of Allergy & Immunology.  This uniquely qualifies us to manage any allergic condition, including severe asthma, food, medication and insect allergies along with immune deficiencies. 

Unlike primary or urgent care clinics, a board-certified allergist focuses on the underlying causes for your discomfort and not just symptoms. 


Allergists treat the source, not symptoms

Although medications are sometimes needed, we prefer to prescribe as few as possible.  Allergy testing can identify and eliminate the reasons for your allergies rather than conceal them.

Allergy immunotherapy (shots or drops) utilizes small doses of natural allergen extracts to build tolerance over time.  It is highly effective for patients seeking a definitive solution to environmental allergies and/or asthma.


Allergists do more than medications

Over-the-counter medications are often the first resource for allergy sufferers.  However, common choices including antihistamines and decongestants may have undesirable side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, nervousness or high blood pressure.  If these medications are not effective or you wish to use less, we can help. 

Do not confuse steroid injections given in primary or urgent care settings with those by a trained allergist.  These only mask symptoms briefly and have significant side effects on weight, blood sugar and bone strength among other negatives.  These are NOT a long-term solution and if you are getting these, it is time to see an allergist.


Not all allergy care is equal

Beware of allergy tests offered in other clinics.  These technicians are NOT board-certified allergists regardless of how they present themselves. This deprives you of a specialist's expertise, potentially exposing you or your child to sub-optimal or even fraudulent care.


Allergy treatment through these sources may not contain proper doses for lasting relief.  Some imitators endorse self-administration of allergy shots at home, which is incompatible with current standards of care and puts YOU at risk for side effects.

If a visit to your physician or any other doctor ends with a recommendation for allergy testing or immunotherapy, insist on seeing a board-certified allergist.

Care for all ages

Our practice sees patients of all ages from infants to adults.  Allergies run in families, and we commonly see multiple members of the same family.  The available treatments vary depending on age, and you can trust our specialists to find the appropriate course for you and your family.  

Learn what real patients have to say about their care at East Texas Allergy & Asthma.

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